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Best time to visit Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a metropolitan city which is sheltered in the state of Karnataka. The weather of Bengaluru is a major attraction of the city. People from all corners of the world; come to this Southern city for some purpose or the other. Many people who come as tourists prefer best time to visit Bengaluru in Karnataka. Though, this city enjoys an almost even climate throughout the year.

All about Bengaluru weather

The city enjoys a tropical savannah kind of climate. Located above the sea level, this city has a cooler climate almost throughout the year. Bengaluru has its summer season, winter season and rainy season as the three major seasons. Though, the city rarely suffers in the hands of any extreme climatic conditions.  You can visit this IT city, anytime during the year and not just wait for the best time to visit Bengaluru. This city often has cold showers of rainfall and lovely breeze, which gives a relief from the humidity and heat.

Choosing the best time to visit Bengaluru

Bengaluru has one of the best climates in India. People from all walks of life; come to settle on the soil of Bengaluru due to various reasons. Excellent weather conditions are one of the most convincing reasons behind people choosing this city to live in. People, who come to this city as tourists, choose the best time to visit Bengaluru.

Bengaluru is said to have the best weather from the months of October till the month of February. It is during this time, that Bengaluru has winter season. The weather during this time is cold but not too extreme. An extreme weather condition in any season is a rare thing in Bengaluru. These months of October to February are the best time to visit Bengaluru, as you can roam around the city and visit places, without shedding even a drop of sweat.

However, you can plan a visit to the “Garden City” throughout the year. With pleasantly warm summers and mildly cold winters, you need not wait for the best time to visit Bengaluru.

Advantage of choosing the best time to visit Bengaluru

You may be visiting this “Silicon Valley of India” for a purpose. But if the purpose is holidaying and sightseeing, you may choose the best time to visit Bengaluru. There are several advantages of visiting this marvelous city of Bengaluru at its best time. You can have a relief from the scorching sun or the heavy rainfall which may strike Bengaluru at other time of the year. You can also walk through the lanes and the various places of Bengaluru, without having to worry about rainfall. The cool weather condition from October to February gives the appropriate condition to travel within the city.

You can either choose the best time to visit Bengaluru or visit this city at any time during the year. You are sure to love the weather of Bengaluru and visit again and again every year.