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Bengaluru Weather

Bengaluru is a lovely place to be in. Bengaluru weather is one of the best attractions of this city of Karnataka. People from far and wide come to this metropolitan city of Bengaluru. This place has tourist attractions, some of the best educational centres, best companies to work in and so on.

The typical Bengaluru Weather

Bengaluru weather is referred as a heavenly weather. The days are usually warmer and evenings and nights are cooler. There is light breeze from the evening till the night. That’s the general climate of Bengaluru. Almost throughout the year Bengaluru weather seems to be a blessing. Often, Bengaluru has light showers of rainfall, converting the climate into a colder one.

But this awesome weather conditions are going through massive changes. In the recent past, the Bengaluru weather has suffered a blow in the hands of the overall changing weather conditions of the country. This has resulted into more of summer and more of humidity as well.

All about Bengaluru weather

Bengaluru is situated 949 meters above the sea level. This is the reason behind Bengaluru’s healthy climate. With a dry and tropical savannah climate, Bengaluru weather is almost always at its best.

Summers are warmer and winters are cooler. But, Bengaluru rarely experiences any extreme weather conditions. Nowadays, Bengaluru’s summers have a maximum of 36 degree Celsius of temperatures. In winters the temperature may fall up to 17 degree Celsius. But despite the change in weather conditions, Bengaluru still continues to be known as the coolest city of country India.  Monsoon strikes this Karnataka city in the month of July and continues till the month of September.

The overall Bengaluru weather is usually a pleasant one.

Best time to visit Bengaluru

This city can be visited any time during the year. Bengaluru weather rarely suffers from the thrashings of extreme climate. But it is during the rainy season, that one should avoid visiting.  You may get stuck in the water loggings on the streets or may face heavy showers all of a sudden, during the rainy season in Bengaluru. If you are visiting this city as a tourist, you can certainly choose the best time to visit Bengaluru. You can enjoy the ‘Garden City’ the most, during the months of October till February.  At this time, the Bengaluru weather is the best thing that you can find in this city. Winter enters Bengaluru in full bloom in the month of October and stays till February and rather more. You won’t need a fan or AC and can roam in the city without sweating.

Advantage of Bengaluru weather

Bengaluru weather is highly responsible for bringing in people from far and wide. The city has become an IT hub and is also known as the “Pensioners Paradise”, due the attractive weather conditions of Bengaluru. Most of the industrialists prefer this peaceful place due to its excellent weather. People from all corners of the world love to come to this place of serenity.

So, are you still waiting to experience the awesome Bengaluru weather? You need not anymore, as Bengaluru is waiting to welcome you as always.