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Tips for Travelers

Bangalore now known as Bengaluru dates back its origin to 9th century. In fact the temple town was known as Bengaluru then and it is now regarded as the old town. The name Bangalore was actually an adaptation from the Kannada word Benda Kaale Uru, which means the town of boiled beans. But a few years earlier, the name was changed to Bengaluru again. Apart from that the place is also known as Garden City and Silicon Valley by many people. If you wish to travel to the city, then you can consult few such tips for travelers which are discussed below.


Basic Tips for Travelers

When to travel?

Bengaluru has a moderate climate so you can drop in at any point of time. It does not experience extreme temperatures, so summers are not very hot and winters are not so cold. In fact the city experiences relatively mild climate all the year round. It is better to avoid your travel plan during February to May and from June to August. While the former months experience relatively warm temperatures, the later experiences heavy shower. Apart from these you can drop in at any point of time. You need not worry about winters as it is not very cold and temperatures remain bearable.

How to Reach?

Bengaluru is well connected from various parts of the country by road, rail and by air. If you wish to travel by air then you can avail flights from Bangalore International Airport. On the other hand, the former Bangalore Airport, which is known as HAL is still functional from Airport Road area. But most of the domestic and international flights operate from the new Bangalore International Airport.

The airport opened its door to public in May 2008 and it is one of the busiest and most modern airports. You can avail flights to different destinations which include various foreign destinations in the European and Asian destinations. There are various carriers which operate flights, both national and international flights, and there are visitors round the year, making it one of the busiest airports in the country. It is advised to book your tickets earlier as there are huge rush for tickets. As prices of tickets is low, train travel is preferred by many people.

Travel by Train

If you wish to travel to Bengaluru by train, you can also do that. The city has two major railway terminals, which are Bangalore City and Yeswantpur Junction. In fact, the former terminal is located right in the city and various long distant trains arrive and depart from this terminal. The later on the other hand is used by few trains as an arrival and departure point.

Travel by Bus

On the other hand, if you love adventure, then you can opt for bus. There are both government and private buses which operate at different destinations. In fact there are buses which connect intercity also. There are various bus stands from where buses ply and Volvo bus service is also available.

Special Tips for Travelers

  • Plan your trip in off season
  • Book your hotels and tickets early
  • Choose accommodations as per convenience
  • Try to communicate with local people
  • Carry enough cash
  • Pack warm clothes
  • Do not forget to carry your umbrella
  • Consult the local travel map or road guide