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Public Transportation in Bengaluru

The city of Bengaluru (Bangalore) attracts tourists and at times motivates them to shift their base to the city. The climate is wonderful and is called the pensioners paradise. The city has developed residential areas. Shopping malls are sprouting all over the city.

Whether you arrive to enjoy a trip in Bengaluru by air or train or bus- you need to know more about the public transportation in Bengaluru. Various modes of public transport facilities are available in the city. The modes range from economic bus rides to expensive taxi journeys. Plenty of auto-rickshaws are available in this city of Karnataka.


Types of public transportation in Bengaluru:

  • Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaw is the most popular mode of transport in Bengaluru. You should be aware of the meter reading. In case the meter of the particular auto does not work the fare can be fixed before commencing the journey.

  • Taxis

Taxis are expensive compared to the other modes of travel. If the group is large traveling by a taxi is a good decision. Follow the meters of the taxi while paying the fare or fix the fare in advance.

  • Buses

The cheapest public transportation in Bengaluru is the bus. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) serves the city by various bus services in city. Currently, the services of the state buses have been improved by the government. Air-conditioned Volvo buses with low-floor are in vogue at present. The Volvo buses are the most comfortable mode of transport. However, the Volvo buses are limited in number and run in only few routes. Few Marcopolo buses (of Tata) add to the comfort of the citizens. The Marcopolo buses follow the timings strictly.

The most inexpensive means of Public transportation in Bengaluru is by the regular buses. They are crowded at the peak hours when the office crowds throng the streets. New regular buses are colored bright green and named BIG10 and Suvarna. Monthly passes make the bus travel even more economic. The tourists can take daily pass and save money. If you intend to board a bus you need to take help of the local people and know at which spots the buses stop, and the numbers and the route of the buses.