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International Flight Schedule

The airport in Bengaluru (previously called Bangalore) can be accessed easily. Travelers in Bengaluru will be immensely benefited it they become proactive and does some research on the international flight schedules in Bengaluru for the aircrafts which ply to and fro from Bengaluru.

The Bangalore airport is linked with many international destinations by air. Approximately, 50 flights per week part from Bengaluru for various destinations globally. A number of international flights depart and arrive after 10 at night.


The International Flights which arrive and depart from Bengaluru are the following:

  • British Airways (London- Heathrow)
  • Emirates (Dubai)
  • Gulf Air (Bahrain, Muscat)
  • Indian Airlines (Bahrain, Bangkok, Muscat, Sharjah, Singapore)
  • Lufthansa (Frankfurt)
  • Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Singapore Airlines (Singapore)
  • Sri Lankan Airlines (Colombo)
  • Thai Airways International (Bangkok)
  • Air India (Chicago, Dubai and Frankfurt)
  • Air France (Paris)

Schedules of the international flights:

  • The Lufthansa Airlines has only one flight per day between Bengaluru and Frankfurt.
  • The Singapore Airlines has one flight per day between Bengaluru and Singapore.  
  • Two flights per day depart from Bengaluru for Dubai. The Emirates airlines provide this facility. The flights from Dubai to Bengaluru daily are also two in number.
  • The number of flights (of Thai Airlines) between Bengaluru and Bangkok is two per day.
  • The Air-India has one flight per week which connects to Chicago.
  • The Indian Airlines has daily flights to Singapore.
  • The Air France connects Bengaluru and Paris.
  • British Airways has flights between Bengaluru and London.
  • Many to and fro flights are facilitated by the Kingfisher Airlines. 

The flight schedules of most airlines (included and excluded in the above list) are dynamic. So, it is essential to check the international flight schedules at the Bengaluru airport just before the travel period for accuracy.