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Bangalore Football Stadium

Bangalore Football Stadium caters to the needs of the kinesthetically oriented folks of the city. The spectators are thrilled watching matches in this stadium. Football is the second most beloved games in India. The country got accolades in the Asian Championship in this game twice.

History of the Bangalore Football Stadium:

The construction of the Bangalore Football Stadium had started more than 50 years back. Previously, only local matches were played in this ground. When the national games were held in the city in 1997 the stadium gained importance. The premises were drastically improved. Floodlights were installed to facilitate games when the sun is not there. The AFC (under 20) was recently held in the stadium. The toilets and the dressing rooms have become luxurious. The venue was finally accomplished in 2010 in the I-League era. A FIFA academy is being constructed in the complex. 

Current Status of the Bangalore Football Stadium:

The Bengaluru Football Stadium serves as a multipurpose stadium. Currently, football matches are played here more than any other game. More than 15,000 spectators can enjoy a game together. I-League games are held here for HAL SC. Though this stadium was conceptualized 50 years back, the I-League era saw the crowds thronging this football stadium in Bengaluru. The stadium is at present owned and operated by HAL SC. The surface is of grass. The field dimension is 120 by 75 yards. The FIFA representatives invigilated the recent renovations of the stadium. Artificial turf was laid on the ground under the vigil of the FIFA representatives.

Football Stadium

Bangalore Football Stadium
Ashokanagar, Brigade Road
Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560025
Phone Numbers: (080) 26574566, (080) 25304372