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Bengaluru Real Estate

The real estate in Bengaluru (previously called Bangalore) the capital of the southern state of Karnataka is going through boom time. This city is also known as the silicon valley of India. Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) organizations are expanding their periphery in the city beside other flourishing industries. These are the major drivers which contribute to the success of the real estate industry in Bengaluru.

There are many other reasons for the boom of this sector in the state. Bengaluru has many reputed colleges, research institutes and is the dwelling place for many executives. High Tech industries are setting up offices in Bengaluru. The economic growth of Bengaluru is 10.3%. Moreover, this segment (real estates) is flourishing in the city because of the easy sanction of the home loans by numerous banks

Builders are providing innumerable choices to the eager buyers. There are sufficient reasons for people wanting to buy apartments in Bangalore. According to many it is one of the best cities in India to live in. The climate is pleasant throughout the year. There are magnificent shopping malls. The night life of Bangalore appeals the young and the happening crowd of the country. Even the NRI investors prefer to buy apartments in Bengaluru. They feel that the prices of apartments in this city will rise in future.

Commercial Property Investment in Bangalore

The well-designed flats, apartments, residential complexes and commercial building follow different rules and regulations. While offering schemes- the builders of Bengaluru have to take into consideration what type of building they want to develop. The real estate developers of Bengaluru are currently aiming to provide commercial complexes for different types of budgets. If you are interested to buy property for commercial purpose you need to know what the offers are for the same. In fact, purchasing property for commercial use in Bengaluru yields good returns when compared to many other metropolitan cities in India.

Residential Property Bangalore

Many companies and industries are opening offices and factories in Bengaluru. This is due to strategic reasons and availability of appropriate work-force. Migration to Bengaluru is rising meteorically. Hence, the need for residential properties in Bengaluru is on rise. The supply of housing is far less than the demands. So, the prices are rising. Thus, purchasing flats, apartments or residential houses is going beyond the reach of many. The rising prices are de-motivating the mediocre buyers. Hence, the real estate developers are coming up with various ‘Low cost housing’ schemes. This is targeted at the middle class. Thus, the dream of having an own home is becoming a reality for many. The government also lends a helping hand and is designing policies and schemes to make the apartments of Bangalore lucrative world-wide. Townships are being developed by the builders. The inspiration is from the townships of USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

On the other hand, there are several customized options on offer for the upper affluent people of the city. The modular kitchen, rooms having wi-fi technologies, cameras (closed circuit) and earthquake resistant systems are being offered to the people who can afford these. There are plenty of dwellers in Bengaluru who are super-rich and thus this city is ideal and profitable for real estate developers to plan buildings with these add-on facilities. Currently, real estate in Bengaluru is one of the most profitable sectors.