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Places of Worship in Bengaluru

Karnataka takes pride in numerous places of worship in Bengaluru which would surely takes you on divine journey. The sanctum sanctorum ranges from temples to mosques and churches. The religious places in Bengaluru are not just for worshiping but are architecturally very significant.

Places of worship in Bengaluru

Dodda Ganesha Temple One of the very famous worship spots in Bengaluru is the Dodda Ganesha Temple. The Ganesha monolith is one of the ancient structures that measures about 18 feet in height and 16 feet in width. The Dodda Ganesha is also known as, Satya Ganapathi or Shakthi Ganapathi.

People from all the different states visit this popular temple of Bengaluru to seek blessings. It is noteworthy that everyday the idol is decorated in unique style which brings more travelers from across world.

Some of the very attractive adornments of this Hindu God are done with gold and silver; white cloth, sandal wood paste and turmeric. The most admired one is the butter coating of idol which requires more than 100 kgs of pure butter.

Kadu Mallikarjunaswamy Temple Located on the hillock of Malleshwaram; this incredible temple was built by Chatrapati Shivaji’s stepbrother Venkoji. It is known from the sources that Venkoji had a ‘shivalingam’ (Lord Shiva’s stone idol) which was later one, sanctified as temple in 1669.

Kadu Mallikarjunaswamy temple is one of the oldest Bengaluru worshiping places visited by people from al corners of the world. ‘Kadu Malleshwara’ means territory of forests and this is the reason it was named Kadu Mallikarjunaswamy temple. The temple is east facing like most of the Hindu shrines and is nestled between huge peepal (Aswatha) trees. There are forty steps that lead to the main entrance of this shrine.

Banashankari Temple Built in the year 1915, the Banashankari temple is one of the well-known Hindu shrines in Bengaluru. The temple was erected after Somanna Shetty (devotee) consecrated idol of ‘Banashankari Amma’ brought from Badami in Bijapur district.

The temple is primarily visited by Hindus to perform special ritual during the ‘Rahukala’; which is considered inauspicious period. It is believed that by performing the rites during the Rahukala would remove poverty and hardships from ones life.

Although the temple is open for public worshiping on all the seven days of week but, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays there are more number of visitors. There are three very famous cultural ceremonies performed annually are held in the temple.

St. Marks Cathedral The most well-known Christian worship spots in Bengaluru is St. Marks Cathedral on the Mahatma Gandhi road. The church foundation was established in the year 1808 and was completed by 1812. The cathedral was sanctified by the Bishop of Calcutta (Kolkata) in 1816.

St. Mary's Basilica Built in the year 1803 by Fr. Abbe du Bois, this small chapel is one of the French missionaries. This located near the Russel Market Square and one of the prime Christian worshiping places in Bengaluru. This is one of the architectural heritage buildings in India with amazing interiors.

Other places of worship in Bengaluru are

  • Bull Temple
  • Iskcon Temple
  • Jumma Masjid
  • Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple
  • St. Mary’s Basilica
  • St. Andrew’s Kirk
  • Dharamraja Temple
  • Dargah Hazrat Tawakkal Mastan
  • Infant Jesus Church
  • Shelter House Church
  • Sri Mahavir Digambara Jain temple
  • Choe Khor Sum Ling Centre
  • Shri Adinath Digambar Jain temple