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Museums in Bengaluru

Bengaluru apart from being the IT hub is also a beautiful tourist destination.  It is a cosmopolitan city that offers you the best of all urban amenities and facilities. From a posh residential accommodation to the budget flats and rented houses, it gives you several options. Apart from that the city offers you some attractive places of sightseeing and tourist attractions.  If you have an interest in history and historical objects, you should certainly visit the museums in Bangalore. They all are well known for preserving invaluable objects and arte facts from the past.  Each one has a story to tell.

Let us provide you with an over view of the museums in Bengaluru and what you can see there.


Most of the museums are situated near Cubbon Park.  

Types of Museums in Bengaluru

Each museum is of a certain type specializing in a certain objects and themes. Though all of them would preserve various items from the yester years, the background would be different for each.

Given below are some of the well known museums in the city that you can explore on your trip.  

Gandhi Bhavan

Dedicated to the teachings and life of the famous national figure Mahatma Gandhi the museum is one of its kind. It is situated in the K.K.Road. The museum boats an exclusive picture gallery of Ganhiji. You will discover a rare collection of photographs of Gandhiji's childhood. Weekdays are open for public visit. The museum remains closed on all public holidays as well on Sundays.  

Venkatappa Art Gallery

If you have visited the Government museum in Bengaluru, you can find this gallery located adjacent to it.  The art gallery is a tribute to the great artists K.Venkatappa. The objects exhibited include his work, some paintings, strictures made of plaster of Paris and also the sculptures. Simultaneously, you can also have a look at the work of other eminent artists that are displayed.  

Government Museum

In case you are a connoisseur of ancient motifs and items, then you must visit the Government Museum in Bengaluru. This is situated at the Kasturba Gandhi Road.  You find a rare and interesting collection that belongs to the Neolithic Era and Indus Valley Civilization.  In addition, there are also other South Indian arts and crafts that are on display. If you want to learn about art, sculpture and natural history then a visit to this place is a must.  The museum remains closed on all public holidays and Wednesdays.  

Visveshwaraya Technological and Industrial Museum

This is rather a different category of museum, displaying all types of machine. The museum is dedicated to the Dewan of Mysore and is located on the Kasturba Gandhi Road.  You can see a wide display of machines from motor vehicles, electronics to the ancient steam engines. This creates an old world feel to it.  If you have children, this museum can be a perfect hangout place for them.  The museum is kept open from 10am to 5:30 pm.  

You can always take assistance from the regional tourist guide whilst visiting these famous museums of Bengaluru.