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Bengaluru Travel Map

Bengaluru is sure to attract you with several distinct tourist spots, interesting places, gardens, water parks, temples and so on. Coming to this city, you will certainly not want to miss any of its attractions. You can take a Bengaluru travel map along with you to discover all the places and the major attractions of the city.

Advantage of having a Bengaluru Travel Map:

Bengaluru travel map is a great help when you want to travel around the city. The travel map will guide you to places of interest, art galleries, parks, exotic locations and other places. You can even find information like, the nearest hospital, medical dispensaries, travel details in and outside the city and so on. If you are coming to this city for the first time, the Bengaluru travel map is indeed what you should carry all the time.

The travel map can even help you to trace your steps back to your lodging area. The Bengaluru travel map will also help you to find restaurants, airport location, railway station, bus stops and so on.

Types of Bengaluru Travel Map:

There are a few types of Bengaluru travel maps which are easily accessible. These include:

  • Internet Bengaluru Travel Map
  • Travel Guide books with Bengaluru Travel Map

Inside the Bengaluru Travel Map:

You must be wondering, what to find in a Bengaluru Travel Map. These are the following things which are essentially found in a Bengaluru travel map:

  • Road routes
  • Railway routes
  • Monumental attractions
  • Gardens in Bengaluru
  • Water parks in Bengaluru
  • Picnic Spots in Bengaluru
  • Major hospitals in Bengaluru
  • Prominent Restaurants and Hotels in Bengaluru
  • Places of Pilgrimage in and around Bengaluru

Major attractions for travellers:

Some of the major attractions are found in the Bengaluru travel map. These attracts may be specified as per their area or stated in general way in the map. Some of the travel maps of Bengaluru may show these special tourist attractions as a part of South Bengaluru, North Bengaluru, East Bengaluru or West Bengaluru. Others may just point out the specific locations and provide their routes. Some of the major attractions for travellers which are usually found in a Bengaluru travel map are:

  • Bangalore Palace
  • Vidhan Saudha
  • Tipu Sultan’s Palace
  • Lalbagh Botanical Park
  • Someshwara Temple
  • Bull Temple
  • Cariappa Memorial Park
  • Attara Kacheri
  • Cubbon Park
  • Iskon Temple
  • Banashankari Temple
  • Wonder La
  • Lumbini Gardens
  • Bannerghatta National Park
  • Kemp Fort
  • Banaswadi Hanuman Temple

The Bengaluru travel map is a ‘must have’ when you want to check out all the well known places of Bengaluru. If you don’t want to miss any of the attractions in and around Bengaluru, you must certainly carry a travel map to guide you and take you to these places.