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Bengaluru City Map

Bengaluru is one of the most beautiful and hi tech city which is the capital city of Karnataka. The city has its own history and culture and traditions are also well merged with modernity. In fact in the recent years the city has gone under sea of change and you can see a rapid development in the field of information technology and other business industry, including business outsourcing. As a city the place tops any other metros in the country. A look at the Bengaluru city map will help you to have an overall idea about the place.

Things in Bengaluru City Map

It is better to consult the Bengaluru city map before you start your journey. You will get all the necessary information in the city map, which will be of much help during your trip. Some of the things which you will come to know from the map are given below:

  • Airport
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Post Offices
  • Hotels
  • Amusement Parks
  • Road Guide
  • Colleges

Divisions of Bengaluru City Map

The Bengaluru city map can be divided in to north, south, east and west. In each of these maps, you will come to know separately about different parts of the cities. Along with that you will also come to know about the various places of tourist attractions, hotels, and other nearby attractions in that area. The city maps are available in different forms, you can pick up any of them as per your choice. The area wise division of the individual Bengaluru City map is given below:

  • North Bengaluru- During your trip to the city, you can drop in at places like Jakkur, Banaswadi, and HBR Layout etc. Apart from this the northern region also has many botanical gardens, bamboo plantations etc which offers wonderful view of the natural surrounding.
  • South Bengaluru- In the Bengaluru city map, you can also find about different places located in the southern part of the city. South Bengaluru is more posh and has some of the best shopping malls, recreation centers etc. In fact some of best shopping malls and amusement areas are located here.
  • East Bengaluru- If you love nature then it is better to drop in at east Bengaluru as there are many beautiful lakes which offers breath taking views of the surrounding areas. Not only that you can also engage in various outdoor activities including boating. If you wish you can also drop in at the pubs and discos which are located in this region.
  • West Bengaluru- The west Bengaluru city map on the other hand will let you know about the famous places in that region. During your visit to this region, you can drop in at Khadi Gramodyoug Bhavan and get hold of some of the best quality silk and cotton.

Bengaluru City Map is the most important thing which you need to get hold of before you plan your trip. If you do not want to face any inconvenience during your trip to the place, then you need to have a map with you. So make sure you have the map with you during your trip.