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Bengaluru Lakes and Parks

Bengaluru is pretty often called as “The Garden City” which is pretty apt. There are various Bengaluru Lakes and Parks which you can visit during your trip. Not only there are plenty of beautiful garden but lakes also. Most of the lakes in the region were constructed early, during the 16th century, by building dams in the natural valley. Even though the city has urbanized a lot with time, the lakes are still a huge tourist draw along with the beautiful parks.

About Bengaluru Lakes and Parks

Bengaluru Lakes

The Bengaluru Lakes are rich in flora and fauna and it also houses various types of aquatic plants and animals, which is a major tourist draw. A trip to these lakes is a welcome relief from the hectic city life. In fact you can also see some rare types of plants and animals near the lakes.

The surroundings of the lakes offer breath taking views to its visitors and you cannot afford to miss this during your trip. While visiting the lakes you can see plants like typha, ferns, lily etc. If you are a nature lover, then you will surely love it as you can see birds like Kingfisher, Grey Herons, Weaver Birds, etc. The lakes also have different types of fish also which include Common Carp, Ompok, etc. Apart from these there are also turtles, crabs, and frogs etc which are in plenty.

There are nearly 150 lakes in Bengaluru, but most of them have run dry. In place of the lakes, some constructions have been made due to the rapid urbanization of the city. These lakes were once the main source of water supply, but have become insufficient in recent times, due to the increase in population.

Most of the lakes are now been converted into tourist spots and as weekend retreats. There are various types of activities, in which you can take part during your visits to these lakes. Apart from boating, there are various other activities like cycling, fishing etc. In some of the lakes, small islands have been made, surrounding the lake, which is a perfect destination for all romantic couples. You can enjoy some quiet and romantic moments in these islands. In fact these places are also preferred by kids and adults, who can either trail in the shores leisurely or can ride water scooters or simply play.

Famous Lakes in Bengaluru

Some of the famous and beautiful lakes where you can drop in during your trip to the city are mentioned below:

  • Ulsoor Lake
  • Hebbel Lake
  • Yediyur Lake
  • Sankey Lake
  • Bellandur Lake
  • Agara Lake

Parks in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is known by many names. Some call it as “Silicon Valley” while others call it as “Garden City of India”. The later name is apt, as there are many beautiful parks and gardens. Even though the city has urbanized a lot with time, there are still many parks, where you can drop in to relax and enjoy. A visit to these parks makes you feel closer to nature and you can see huge stretches of greenery, which otherwise is not possible.

Famous Parks in Bengaluru

  • Cubbon Park
  • Bugle Rock Park
  • Coles Park
  • M.N. Krishna Rao Park