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Sultanate of Bijapur

To talk about the Sultanate of Bijapur it is important to know about the Deccan Sultanates of Bengaluru.  The Deccan sultanates were the five famous Muslim rules kingdoms. Bjiapur would be a part of it. The other kingdoms that fall under it are as follows:-

  • Golkonda
  • Berar
  • Ahmadnagar
  • Bidar

These Deccan sultanates were situated itself on the Deccan Plateau. The exact location is between the Vindhya Range and the Krishna River. All these kingdoms attained their independence with the breaking up of the Bahmani Sultanate. It was in 1490 Ahmadnagar has declared its independence. This was followed Berar and Bijapur on the same year. Golkonda achieved its independence on 1518 and Bidar in the year 1528.

Bijapur Sultanate History

The sultanate of Bijapur was rule by the monarch Adil Shahi dynasty. The total time period was from 1490 to 1686.  The Adil Shahis were actually the provincial rulers of the sultanate of Bahmani. It was with the break up of this sultanate that Ismail Adil Shah had set up a separate sultanate. This was in the year 1518 and was also as one of the five Deccan sultanates.

About the Sultanate of Bijapur

This was situated in the southwestern part of India. It passes through the Western Ghats range of north Karnataka and south Maharashtra. Ismail Adil Shah and his band of followers have created the Bijapur capital with historical or various other instruments.

Bijapur Sultanate Traits

It was the Adil Shahis who had fought empire of the Vijayanagar. This stretch across the south through the Tungabhadra River. It was said that they fought with other sultanates and so on.

It was late in the year 1619 that Adil Shahis had started conquering the already available the clouds. Madras however had revolted against his leadership abilities. Several parts were captured apart from the Bijapur sultanate. Later on it was Aurangazeb who conquered this already weakened sultanate in 1686. This brought the dynasty to its end.

Rulers of Bijapur Sultanate

There have been several rulers of the Sultanate. The list of the rulers is given below:-

  • Yusuf Adil Shah 1490 - 1510
  • Ibrahim Adil Shah II 1580 - 1627
  • Mallu Adil Shah 1534 - 1535
  • Sikandar Adil Shah 1672 - 1686[4].
  • Mohammed Adil Shah 1627 - 1656
  • Ismail Adil Shah 1510 - 1534
  • Ibrahim Adil Shah I 1535 - 1558
  • Ali Adil Shah II 1656 - 1672
  • Ali Adil Shah I 1558 - 1580

Cultural Contributions of Bijapur Sultanate

Each of the rulers and the sultanate has had their influence in the Deccan region. They have contributed a lot in the fields of architecture, music, art and literature.

One of the most important contributions was the development of the "Dakhini" language. This started developing amidst the Bahmani rulers. Gradually it started to develop as in independent literary language. This was spoken during the rule of the Sultanate. The language had drawn its resources from Telegu, Arabic- Persian, Kannada and Marathi.