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Kempe Gowda and Vijaynagar

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka, which is now known as Bengaluru. The place is one of the most hi-tech cities, which is also known as Garden City. It is located on the Deccan Plateau and it is in the list of global cities. In fact it is known as "Beta World City" and is included in the list of other global cities. Kempe Gowda and Vijaynagar are two of the most prominent landmark in the history of the city. A brief overview regarding the two important landmarks is given in brief.

History of Kempe Gowda and Vijaynagar

The city dates back its existence way back to 900 AD, even though the history of the place which you will find is actually written from 1537. It is said that Kempe Gowda I was a land owner at the feudal era at the Vijaynagar Empire, who built a fort of mud brick and later that place was established as a province. During the British rule, the place became an important region of colonial rule. Bangalore is one of the cosmopolitan cities, which has people from various parts of the country.


There are many residential areas in different parts of Bangalore along with commercial places. One such residential locality is Vijaynagar, which is located at the north west of the city. The name of the place was derived from the time when the Vijaynagar Empire flourished in this region during 15th and 16th century. The place shares its border with Mysore Road, Magadi Road and on the other hand it is the Chord Road which cuts across.

Initially this place was pretty less populated but after 1970’s many people started to live in this locality. The place mostly has middle class people and employees from several other organizations like BHEL, AMCO etc. The place has a typical small town feel, with few temples, colleges, etc.

Some of the important places of attractions in Vijaynagar are given below:

  • Maruti Mandir
  • Shiva Ganapati Temple
  • Adichunchunagiri Temple
  • Kodandaramaswamy Temple
  • Public Library

Apart from these the place is a preferred location for film and television shooting. It is one of the most happening places, which has some of the best restaurants, hangout areas, entertainment areas etc. In fact many poets and other literary persons put sup here. You can also find some of the best educational institutes which include schools, colleges, engineering colleges, etc.

Kempe Gowda

Kempe Gowda I was the chief of Yelahanka, which was a feudal empire previously. In fact it belonged to the Vijayanagara Empire. It was Kempe Gowda who built mud forts in 1537 along with King Achutaraya. Some of the small towns which were built inside the fort are Chickpet, Balepet, Cottonpet etc. These areas now serve as important commercial and market places of Bangalore. In fact the tower which was erected by Kempa Gowda’s son can be found still today, which were erected to mark it as a boundary. The towers which was erected by his son, stands right in the heart of the city. The place has a lot of historical relevance and is an important landmark of the region.

Thus Kempe Gowda and Vijaynagar are the two main places which have a lot of relevance in the formation of the present day Bangalore. In fact the present day city of Bangalore was designed by Kempe Gowda and now it is one of the most preferred tourist destinations.