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Investment banks in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is among the most developed cosmopolitan cities of India. The city abounds in multinational IT firms, top notch pharmaceuticals, reputed educational institutes and renowned investment banks etc. In order to cater to the various financial needs of the people of Bengaluru the government of the state is continuously encouraging local and international investment banks to open their branches in the city. Investment banks in Bengaluru are solely committed towards providing all round financial services to their clients be it individuals or organizations. Mostly engaged in raising capital for small scale business organizations the many investment banks in Bengaluru have contributed greatly in bringing up the economy of the city.

Top Investment banks in Bengaluru

Below is a list of some of the most popular Investment banks in Bengaluru

130R Capital

130R Capital is one of the latest investment banks in Bengaluru. It was established in 2010 with the aim of assisting small and medium scale businesses to raise capital.  

130R Capital Group
Level 14, Concorde Towers, UB City
1 Vittal Mallya Road
Bangalore - 560001
Tel: +918040300789
Fax: +918040300400


SecureBank is one of the most popular investment banks in Bengaluru. This bank is a one stop destination for all your investment related matters. Ranging from offering the best insurance policies to offering financial advice the SecureBank in Bengaluru is the ultimate financial planner.

Divine Power Team
#27/28, 1A Cross, 'Kamadhenu',
Yelahanka New town,

ROCHESTER Investment Consulting Pvt. Ltd

This investment bank in Bengaluru has gained  a reputation over a short period of time. ROCHESTER Investment Consulting Pvt. Ltd, is an international investment banking company that is well known for its services like financial consultancy, currency trading. investment opportunities for corporates, individuals and angel investors.

# 4, Victoria Road, Bangalore-560 047
+91 80 2551 1234
+91 80 2551 1414

GE Capital

GE Capital is among the leading investment banks in Bengaluru. The company offers a gamut of financial services starting from lending money to firms of all sizes to offering financial consultancy.

1001-02, Prestige Meridian Tower -II,
MG Road,, Bengaluru - 080 41518037

Elegant Investments

Elegant Investments is a top class investment bank in Bengaluru which is well known for its assessment and forecasts of the financial market in India. Serving a number of investors and Financial Distributors this investment bank is the trusted financial advisor of many individuals and businesses.

Address: 409/1, 2nd Floor,
Above HDFC Bank,
Golden Eye,
R T Nagar,
Bangalore -560032
Phone: + 91-80-41610853
Mobile: +91 9980326043