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Different Offices in Bengaluru

There are different offices in Bengaluru (previously called Bangalore) capital of the southern state of Karnataka. The garden city of Bengaluru is soothing for the busy professionals. The city provides ample scope of entertainments to add color and vigor in the life of the busy officers and their families.  The software and the finance companies of Bengaluru are drawing the educated mass from various parts of the country and the world. Let us know more about the different offices in Bengaluru

Reasons why many corporate companies are opening branches in Bengaluru:

Below is a list of some of the popular Banking companies in Bengaluru

  • The government policies are favorable
  • The ambience is cosmopolitan
  • There are international standard research and development facilities
  • There are ample human resources
  • The climate is pleasant all over the year

Industries which have offices in Bengaluru

  • Information Technology and Software
  • Finance and allied products and services
  • Designing
  • Food
  • Apparels

More about Software Companies in Bengaluru

Let us know more about the software companies of Bengaluru. The silicon valley of India or the IT hub of India has become a home of many software companies. Many companies which are based out of other cities are opening branches in the city. These companies are involved in:

  • Product realization
  • Business intelligence, application development and data warehousing
  • Customer relations
  • IT solutions
  • High-end internet maintenance
  • Software Development

List of Major Software Companies in Bengaluru

  • Zenith Software Limited
  • Wipro Infotech
  • Tricon Infotech Private Limited
  • Texas Instruments India Private Limited
  • Syntel India Limited
  • Sun Microsystems India Private Limited
  • Sonata Software Limited
  • Simplex Solutions
  • Satyam
  • SAP Labs India Private Limited
  • Robert Bosch India Limited
  • Radiant Infosystems Private Limited
  • Phoenix Global Solutions India Private Limited
  • Nich - In Software Solutions Private Limited
  • Logix Microsystems Limited
  • Linc Software Services Private Limited
  • LEC India Software Center Private Limited
  • Kinfotech Private Limited
  • Ionic Microsystems Private Limited
  • Infosys Technologies Limited
  • i-NetFrame Technologies Private Limited
  • Infopac Software Private Limited
  • IBM
  • Impact Solutions Private Limited
  • Compaq
  • Accenture
  • Accent Technologies

Finance Companies in Bengaluru

Finance is another segment in which Bengaluru holds a prime position in the country. The reason why so many finance companies are flourishing in this city is that there is an all round improvement of the economy which is leading to tangible wealth. The finance gurus are utilizing the opportunity to make their own riches while the sun is shining on the economy of the city by starting different offices in Bengaluru

List of Finance Companies in Bengaluru:

  • DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd
  • Discount and Finance House Of India Ltd
  • Core Professional Group
  • Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co Ltd
  • Canbank Venture Capital Fund Ltd
  • Boggaram Investments Ltd
  • Bellary Finance
  • Ashok Leyland Finance Ltd
  • Allianz Bajaj Life Insurance Co Ltd
  • Akshaya Financers
And many more…