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Karnataka is hub of many travelers and has many centers of entertainment in Bengaluru.
The Garden City of India is not just confine to travel destinations like landscapes, architectural buildings and museums. You have more interesting spots in Bengaluru which can keep you hooked during weekends.

Cinema halls in Bengaluru are very famous as, movies play very important part in entertainment industry of India. People are extremely crazy about movies in the southern part of India and this is the reason the entertainment in Bengaluru is of utmost importance.

Although the cosmopolitan city has many multiplexes but, there are many other small movie halls in Bengaluru. It is noteworthy that these small screen theatres play only regional movies and some times Hindi ones. But, if you are looking for big screen feel and international flicks then check out for the PVR’s and INOX cinema halls.

The regional language being Kannada, the localities prefer watching movies in small screen theatres of Bengaluru also. There are also other regional language movies in Tamil, Telugu and Malyalam which is screened on these theatres. Here is the list of the Bengaluru entertainment centers -

Cinema halls in Bengaluru

  • Laxhmi theatre
  • Sagar theatre
  • Tribhuvan theatre
  • Abhinav theatre
  • Kavery theatre
  • Menaka theatre
  • Mukunda theatre
  • Pallavi theatre
  • Radhakrishna theatre
  • Rex theatre
  • Santosh theatre
  • Tulasi theatre
  • Natraj theatre
  • Symphony theatre
  • Siddalingeshwara theatre
  • Ajanta theatre
  • Tirumala theatre
  • Uma theatre
  • Vaibhav theatre
  • Veeresh theatre
  • Venkateswara theatre
  • Kailash theatre
  • Kapali theatre
  • Movieland theatre
  • Nandini cinema
  • Parimala theatre
  • Sangeet theatre
  • Lavanya theatre
  • Mabbu cinema center
  • Poornima theatre
  • Sri lakshmi chitramandir cinema hall

However, it is worth mentioning that all the movie halls are well maintained with all the basic amenities of comfort and recreation. The single screen flicks gives the right reviews and previews of the local people. Although the box office report is based on the reactions of multiplexes but, for regional cinemas it works the other way round.

Families, couples and youth gatherings get very good experience on visiting these small theatres. Another, interesting feature is that the tickets are cheaper compared to the multiplex cinemas. Even the snack rates are very less in the near by stalls of these theatres which makes it very affordable for different sections of people.

Most of the single screen halls are located centrally making it very easy for people to commute. The numbers of shows are more in the single cinema halls than the multiplexes. This makes very convenient for the female groups and families to enjoy the early morning shows and then carry on with their routine one week days.

All the screens have different show hours but, the show is generally categorized as, Morning show, Matinee, First show, second show and late night shows. The general show timings in the centers of entertainment in Bengaluru are 10:00PM, 03:25PM, 1:25 PM, 2:15 PM, 04:05PM, 05:25PM, 06:30PM, 08:00PM, 09:35PM , 10:00PM, 10:45 AM.