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Fairs and Festivals in Bengaluru

Going to visit Bengaluru very soon? Looking for information on the fairs and festivals in Bengaluru you can participate in? Read on to know all about the main Bengaluru fairs and festivals.


Bengaluru, or Bangalore, is one of the most modern Indian cities. It is the center of increasing industrial and business activities in the country. In terms of facilities and opportunities, Bangalore is comparable to most international cities. It is teeming with people with diverse purposes business, employment, vacation or education. The city has the biggest IT sector in the country. This makes it at par with several other international cities. This is also the reason why Bengaluru is known as ‘The Silicon Valley of India’. The flourishing IT sector as well as many other sectors employs thousands of people. As a result, the place has the highest number of rich people in India. From all aspects, it is a 21st century metropolis.

Bengaluru fairs and festivals

Despite being a modern city, Bengaluru has not lost touch with its traditions. This is reflected in the various fairs and festivals that are celebrated in the city. Many of these are religious in nature. They owe their origin to the scriptures and mythological stories.

Some of the prominent fairs and festivals in Bengaluru are

Bengaluru fairs

Travel and Tourism Fair

This unique fair was first held in Bengaluru in 1989. Since then, it has been a yearly event. This annual fair is a platform for the organizations of the Indian travel and tourism industry. It helps them to exhibit their services and products to consumers from all cross sections of society. It is a big event in Bangalore.

Groundnut Fair

The Groundnut Fair is one of the oldest annual events in Bengaluru. This religious fair is also known as
‘Kadalekai Parshe’. It is organized on the last Monday of the Hindu Karthik month. It is held for three days. The event is celebrated in a smaller way in the first day. The fair grows into a bigger affair in the following two days. The famous Bull Temple in Bangalore is the seat of the celebrations. Farmers around Bangalore throng the temple to offer the first groundnuts of the season to the deity. The place becomes a religious as well as trade venue. Local farmers and traders set up stalls in the place to sell jute bags as well as food items like groundnuts, fruit juice and fried foods.

Bengaluru festivals

Ganesh Chaturthi

The festival is dedicated to the worship of Lord Ganesha. It is celebrated sometime in September every year. The occasion sees the participation of pious Hindus. The celebrations include

  • Chanting the name of Lord Ganesha
  • Singing devotional songs in the name of the Lord
  • Narration of mythological tales concerning the Lord
  • Offering flowers, fruits and other foods to Lord Ganesha


This joyful festival marks the start of the harvest season in South India. It also signifies the coming of the spring season. It is celebrated most enthusiastically across the city. Various cultural programs are also organized to mark this event.

These are the main fairs and festivals in Bangalore. Other popular fairs and festivals in Bengaluru include Dussehra, Ugadi, Automobile Expo and International Furniture Fair.