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Events in Bengaluru

Scanning the web to know about the major annual events in Bengaluru? You have come to the right place then.

Bengaluru the vibrant city

Bengaluru is one of the most vibrant cities in India. It is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the country. This wonderful place is known as much for is beautiful lakes and gardens as its business centers and universities. A popular tourist and industrial hub, the city is home to energetic people. Its population comprises of people from all regions of India and even foreigners. This pulsating city is bustling with life and activities. Many important events are held in Bengaluru throughout the year. These Bengaluru events witness the active participation of many people.

Events in Bangalore

Annually, a number of events are organized in this city. These Bangalore events consist of everything from festivals and fairs to celebration of important days.

Some of the most significant annual events in Bengaluru are

Kadalekai Parshe

Also known as the Groundnut Fair, this is one of the oldest Bangalore events. The fair is held for three days. It begins on the last Monday of the Hindu month known as Kartika. The fair is organised before the famous Bull Temple in Bangalore. Thousands of farmers come to the temple to offer the first groundnut of the year to the deity. In recent years, this religious event has also become a kind of a trade fair. Local traders as well as farmers set up beautiful stalls to sell jute bags as well as groundnuts, fried foods, fruit juice and icecream. 


It is one of the oldest and most popular festivals of Bangalore. It celebrates the supposed visit of Draupadi, the wife of the Pandava brothers, to Bangalore. It is thought that she visits the city as the goddess of power. It is one event that sees enthusiastic participation of both Hindus and Muslims. The festival has a woman carrying a tall floral cone on her head. The woman is supposed to leave from the temple premises at midnight. She must come back in the morning after visiting Hindu temples as well as a Muslim shrine on her way. Her journey is in the form of a procession that sees the participation of pious people. They sing and chant devotional hymns and even recount sacred mythological stories.

Republic Day

The Indian Republic Day is observed on the 26th of January. As in the rest of India, the celebration is huge in Bangalore. The event is observed in this city with great gusto. A number of patriotic and cultural programs are held in Bangalore. Patriotic speeches are given by prominent personalities in the city. Like Independence Day, this is another occasion when you can spot national flags in the hands of people. Many educational institutions as well as organizations take out processions on this day. Schoolchildren as well as local people participate in these parades.

Other important events in Bengaluru include Independence Day, Ramanavami, Bangalore Summer Turf Races and Bangalore Winter Turf Races. These Bengaluru annual events are of great importance and popularity in the city.