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Bengaluru is the perfect example of an urban city which also has the traditional flavour. This city rests amidst lush green surroundings and is also known as the ‘Garden City’ of India. Bengaluru offers a unique combination of lifestyles for people from all walks of life. There are various kinds of Bengaluru lifestyles which are found in and around the city. The overall culture of the city is unique with its cosmopolitan crowd.

The combination of Bengaluru lifestyle

The cosmopolitan culture of this metropolitan city of Karnataka is worth mentioning. People from all corners of the world have come and settled in this beautiful city for various purposes. This perfect mixture of people of various cast, creed, and race and so on, has led to different Bengaluru lifestyle in whole. 

Major Bengaluru lifestyle

Bengaluru has a mixed culture. This blend has lead to formation of two major yet contrasting lifestyles. These lifestyles have their own speciality and are followed as per the preference of the residents of Bengaluru. The different lifestyles are a result of several factors like, earning, background, area, and so on.

Traditional Bengaluru lifestyle

The traditional lifestyle is followed by several residents of Bengaluru. These residents begin their day with God. Yes, God is a part of their day lives. They have early morning prayers which may even include trips to the nearest temple. Then with the day break they make ‘Rangoli’ with white coloured powder in from of their houses. After this they have their traditional breakfast. Then they leave for their daily jobs. The families indulge in prayers and festivals. They wear the special dress on the festivals and visit the temples to offer prayers.

On weekends, the families go out to visit nearby places of attraction, local restaurants, watch Kannada movies or Bollywood movies, and so on. They often have family get together too.

Modern Bengaluru lifestyle

Bengaluru also follows the modern lifestyle. This place has people from different places. This difference has led to various forms of living and celebrating life. Yes, this form of living is a lot different than the traditional Bengaluru lifestyle.

This Bengaluru lifestyle mainly includes the IT sector people and other working professionals. Life at this part of Bengaluru is quite different. They are the carefree people who love to spend their time outdoors and not indoors. This kind of lifestyle includes, going to pubs, clubs, cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and so on. There are discotheques too, where one can have a great time. There are entertainment programs and places especially for the elite class in Bengaluru. Such places include golf clubs, counties, race courses, spas and so on.

Major restaurants in Bengaluru

People love to eat out, no matter which ever lifestyle they follow. They usually go out with their family and friends to dine at some of the best restaurants nearby. Some of the restaurants are:

  • La Casa
  • Chung Wah
  • Far Pavilions
  • Kabab Corner
  • Zodiac Fast Food

These and many other restaurants attract people from different backgrounds. The restaurants are specially crowded on weekends. Apart from the restaurants, the pubs and discos too attract people on weekend and on weekdays. Another common activity of Bengaluru lifestyle is shopping. People love to visit malls and shopping centres and spend money on new and trendy stuff.

Bengaluru lifestyle is unique and one of the best. You can be a part of the Bengaluru lifestyle, only to know more about it.