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Bengaluru Cuisine

Food is one of the best things that you can indulge in when in Bengaluru. The city specializes in different types of cuisines ranging from Indian to International. The Bengaluru cuisine particularly lures the residents as well as people from other places. The taste buds of Banglorians get treats in form of the Bengaluru cuisine.

South Indian Bengaluru cuisine:

The Bengaluru cuisine doesn’t have any particular food or items in their speciality list. They specialize in South Indian food which consists of Hyderabad style, Chettinad style, Tamil style, Andhra style, Kerela style and Manglorean style food. The food may be the same, but they are prepared in various styles. The regional South Indian style usually has rasam, sambar, rice and soups or stews made of vegetables. They also have the famous Idli and Dosas, which are prepared in different fashions with various stuffing in them. Apart from these, they also have poori and bhajji, bonda, vada, with chutney made of coconut and spices.

Since Bengaluru residents are mostly vegetarians, there are more of Vegetarian restaurants offering South Indian delicacies as Bengaluru cuisine.

Other Bengaluru cuisine:

Apart from the South Indian food, there are other cuisines which mark the various food preferences of people of Bengaluru. There are several restaurants which specialize in other Indian cuisines like Bengali food, Rajasthani food, Punjabi food, Gujarati food and so on. Apart from the Indian cuisines, Bengaluru also offers International cuisines like Japanese, Continental, Arabian, Persian, Chinese cuisine and so on. These cuisines are served by some of the best restaurants which adorn the city.

The European influence on Bengaluru:

Bengaluru certainly has a gamut of options in terms of Bengaluru cuisine. But one of the main attractions of the city is its tiny local restaurants serving tea and coffee in tiny steel glasses. You can top it up with a vada or a dosa as per your appetite and choice. If it’s almost your lunch time, you can even have a full meal of regional South Indian Thali. This system of local restaurants at every location in Bengaluru is a European influence on the city.

There are Indian and International branded snack counters in and around the city which you can try out too.

Some of the restaurants specializing in Bengaluru cuisine:

There are several restaurants serving different cuisines in Bengaluru. Some of them are even multi-cuisine restaurants. Some of the restaurants are:

Continental Cuisine:

  • Orange County
  • Orchids & Roses
  • La Casa
  • Nilgiri's Cafe
  • Pool Side Barbeque

Chinese Cuisine:

  • Chung's Pavilion
  • The Rice Bowl
  • Changs Bar & Restaurant
  • Paradise Island
  • Golden Harvest


  • Le Jardin
  • Far Pavilions
  • The Pink Panther
  • Koshy's Restaurant and Jewel Box

Indian Cuisine:

  • Abirami
  • Jacaranda
  • Nizaams
  • The Royal Afghan
  • Caesars

South Indian Cuisine:

  • Kamat restaurants
  • New Krishna Bhavan
  • Udupi Krishna Bhavan
  • Silver Oak
  • Chandrika

These and many other restaurants serve good Bengaluru cuisine. You can try the special delicacies of different cuisines and have a lovely eating experience in Bengaluru.