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Bengaluru Art and Crafts

Bengaluru has lots to offer. It has one of the most unique cultures in India. The city has a perfect blend of both urban and traditional cultural. Apart from the contributions of different states, Bengaluru art and crafts score high on the culture contents of this city. There are various art forms which are prevalent in the city of Bengaluru. These Bengaluru art and crafts have acquired a lot of fame not just in India abut also abroad.

All about Bengaluru Art and Crafts:

Bengaluru art and crafts have made a mark with its presence in some of the major places in this city. The famous up class bungalows and the palaces stand as a testimony to this fact. These famous places showcase the beauty of typical Bengaluru art and crafts. Apart from these, there are mesmerizing temples with the beautiful art forms of Bengaluru. With time, the Bengaluru art and crafts have gone through a change too. There is modernization in these forms now. But, the original style of Bengaluru art and crafts has still been preserved.

Different forms of Bengaluru art and crafts:

There are various art and crafts form which has added glory to the culture of Bengaluru. Some of these include:

  • Ivory Art: The Ivory Art is a famous art form of Bengaluru. There are beautiful ivory carvings which are seen in Temples and various other places of Bengaluru. These ivory cravings usually have idols of Gods and Goddesses in them.

  • Sandalwood Crafts: Sandalwood made crafts is a beauty which you can find in Bengaluru. These are beautiful sweet smelling art pieces which are carved in various shapes and sizes. There are items like jewellery boxes, idols, decorative pieces and so on, which can be found at various outlets in Bengaluru.

  • Metal Ware: Metal arts and crafts are quite common in Bengaluru. There are several gift items which are made out metal ware.

  • Mysore art: Mysore art is one of the best things which Bengaluru can boast of. The art includes paintings which as old as the Ajanta cave paintings. These Mysore paintings have special colours such as the vegetable colours and the gold leafs. This art form is widely found in temples and other attractions of Bengaluru

  • Stone Carving: Stone carving arts are found everywhere in and around Bengaluru. These arts pieces are beautiful and have a typical style of their own. These are liked by tourists who purchase these stone arts and crafts of Bengaluru.

  • Wood designs and carvings: Carving on wood is quite prevalent in Bengaluru. The carvings speak of the special art type used in Bengaluru. These are found in various places such as, temple doors, historical sites, bungalows and so on.

  • Hand made Dolls: The Doll is a famous craft of Bengaluru. There are puppets made of wood, sandal wood, cloth, leather, plastic and so on. These dolls are found to be a part of some of the famous fairs in Bengaluru.

Some of the important Bengaluru art and craft galleries are:

  • Indian Institute of World Culture
  • Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat
  • Chowdaiah Memorial Hall
  • Ravindra Kalakshetra
  • Puttana Chetty Town Hall
  • Max Muller Bhavan
  • Venkatappa Art Gallery
Bengaluru art and crafts are becoming more and more famous with globalisation. Artists and craftsmen from this city now travel to other cities and abroad to showcase their talents. You are sure to get attracted towards the Bengaluru art and crafts. You never know, you might end up buying some for your home decorations too.