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Bengaluru Culture

Visiting this place of varied culture is a real fun. Bengaluru culture is a unique culture. The city is visited by people from all corners of the world and is gifted with the best of all the cultures too. The Bengaluru culture is a mix of several Indian cultures. With several International industries and business being a part of Bengaluru, people from all over the world are settling in Bengaluru. They are further enriching the Bengaluru culture.

Sneak peek at Bengaluru culture

Bengaluru culture is worth talking about. The culture of Bengaluru includes the likes and tastes of every individual staying or visiting this city. Indians from various parts of the country have settled in this metropolitan city of Karnataka. They have carried the best part of their culture to Bengaluru.

About Bengaluru Culture

Apart from the other cultures of India contributing to the Bengaluru culture, this city has a culture of its own. Bengaluru is a Southern city of India. This city is rich in several forms of art, music, dance and drama. The carnatic music is a famous form of Indian music which is found in Bengaluru. Theatre and art in different forms too are a major part of the Bengaluru culture. With a cosmopolitan crowd, Bengaluru is adding a lot more to its culture.

With time, the Bengaluru culture too has seen a lot of change. Be it music, dance or art, all have gone through the transformation.

Life in the Bengaluru culture

Bengaluru culture includes a vibrant lifestyle. People from different parts of India and even abroad have come up with unique contributions to the Bengaluru culture. This has added to the change in lifestyles in Bengaluru as well. Bengaluru has a mix of urban and rural forms of lifestyle. Most of the traditional Kannadigas prefer to live as per their tradition and culture. They have a strong religious influence in their lifestyle.

On the other hand, you will also find a more urbanised style of living. Most of the people of the urban Bengaluru are working professionals and enjoy the nightlife of Bengaluru. The city has a splendid nightlife which shelters more than 200 bars and clubs. Apart from these there are clubs and entertainment centres for the elite class. There are golf clubs, race courses, and Cricket clubs and so on, for the elite class to have a great time. They love to eat out and try different cuisines apart from the local food.

Festivals and fairs of Bengaluru

Bengaluru has a cosmopolitan culture. It celebrates most of the major festivals of India. These festivals include, Dussera, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Varmalakshmi Puja, Christmas, Eid, and so on. With a diverse culture Bengaluru has only grown richer and richer.

There are different fairs which are held during the year. Bengaluru hosts these fairs which showcases talents in different areas.

With so much and many more, Bengaluru culture is uniquely attractive. If you are visiting this excellent place, you are sure to notice and love to be a part of the diverse culture of Bengaluru.