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Bengaluru- Silicon Valley

Bengaluru is a great place to visit and stay in. The metropolitan city of Karnataka has everything what it needs to be called a modern city. The country is proud of Bengaluru- Silicon Valley of India. The city has seen a lot of advancements over the years. After Indian Independence, Bengaluru crossed several barriers to reach its present status of a Silicon Valley.

The making of Bengaluru- Silicon Valley:

Initially, Bengaluru- Silicon Valley was a complete dream. But gradually, several industries were set up in this Southern city. The city of Bengaluru has been compared to the actual Silicon Valley of Santa Clara Valley of California, United States. This original Silicon Valley is a major IT hub in United States. Bengaluru still has a long way to go, in order to become the complete Silicon Valley. But, it is this city which has the capacity and capability to be the Bengaluru- Silicon Valley. Already, with several IT companies in Bengaluru, it is rapidly moving towards its aim.

The first mention of Bengaluru- Silicon Valley came in the Indian Express in 1980. The second mention came in the year 1990’s.

The birth of Electronic City:

Electronic City came up as a concept. It was mainly thought as path breaking arrangement, made to make the dream of Bengaluru- Silicon Valley true. The Electronic City has been constructed in an area of 335 acres of land. It shelters most of the major IT companies. The Electronic City has everything under one roof and is a wonder itself.

Steps towards the aim of Bengaluru- Silicon Valley:

Bengaluru will be seeing major telecom giants and more than 500 IT companies in a span of five years. Bengaluru is further working towards achieving the Bengaluru- Silicon Valley title. The city holds some of the major IT fairs and seminar. These events are attended by both National and International investors. There are events like, "Global Buyer- Seller Meet", "IT.COM etc, which attracts major IT companies to plan towards a better future in Bengaluru.

Major IT achievements of Bengaluru- Silicon Valley:

Apart from being visualised as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru has other accolades to its credit too. This city is ranked as the "Global hub of technological innovation" by the United Nations.

The city also has the credit of producing most of the country’s engineers. Bengaluru has the best hi- tech climate which you cant afford to miss.

With so much and many more, Bengaluru- Silicon Valley is sure to become a success. The dream of Bengaluru- Silicon Valley will surely be fulfilled with the combined efforts of the IT professionals and the visualizers.