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People and Population of Bengaluru

About Bengaluru

It is very important to learn about the people and population of Bengaluru if you are planning to shift to the city. With regards to the modern survey most people in the city are students and the young professionals. There are the native people also. People from all over the country have moved to the city mostly in search of a better job. Gradually there have been people who have shifted because of better lifestyle and urban amenities. Bengaluru is known as the IT hub with several eminent IT/ITES companies foraying in and setting up their offices. Some of them are global IT giants.

Population of Bengaluru

With so many people flocking in to the city, the total population is said to be approximately 5,840,155. Though some calculations say that the population has reached or crossed 6 million. The density of population in the city is calculated to be 3,000 people per square kilometers. You would also find people who belong to the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes quota.

Language Spoken in Bengaluru

Most people residing in the city speak Kannada and are properly known as the Bangaloreans. You will find people of all kinds here. The mix comprises of Christians, Muslims, and Hindus primarily. In terms of population it is known as the third densely populated city in India. Therefore depending on the population mix people also speak in Hindi and English in their everyday life.

Other languages that are spoken in the city are Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil.

Ethnic Ratio in Bengaluru

A study of the people and population in Bengaluru would reveal that most of the people belong to the Hindu community. Apart from the Hindus a small section also comprise of the Christians and the Muslims. The approximate percentage of the Muslims are about 13.37 %, the Christians comprise of 5.79 % and the Jains make up a per centage of 1.05 %. Apart from this you will also spot foreigners from abroad who have come to the city for educational purposes as well. Some have also shifted for commercial reasons.

Literacy rate in Bengaluru

The city is known for its level of erudition and literacy. The general mass is polished and well educated. The literacy rate is therefore estimated at 85.74 per cent. It is a cosmopolitan city with people being educated. You will find people from all quarters of life. The city is student friendly and offers some of the best academic institutes as well.

Lifestyle in Bengaluru

The city is inhabited mostly by young crowd who are professionals as well as student. The general pace and mood of life here is fast and a trendy. People like to work hard during the weekdays. Weekends they love to enjoy with friends. Nightclubs and pubs too are quite famous. All of them also have certain security as well as quality standards. It has also been named as the "Pub Capital of India".

People also love to celebrate occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi and also RamNavami and so on.

These would be some of the interesting facts regarding the people and population of Bengaluru.