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Marriage Halls in Bengaluru

It is believed that marriages are made in Heaven. Although the match is made in Heaven, the ceremony, rituals, and the functions take place here on earth. Earlier people were comfortable in arranging marriage ceremonies in their own houses.

However, with the concept of nuclear families and compact apartments, most of the households run short of space. This has eventually given rise to the marriage halls in Bengaluru. The marriage halls are known as “Kalyana Mantaps”.

The marriage halls are located across the capital city of Karnataka. The marriage halls in Bengaluru play an important role in the wedding ceremonies.

Weddings are being planned by the event managers these days. What most of the people do is hire the services of a professional company that arranges weddings and social gatherings. The host who is hiring the wedding planning group specifies details of his budget and requirements. Thereafter, the entire show is taken care of by the event management group.

A lump-sum is paid in advance for meeting different expenses. Once the function concludes successfully, the rest of the fee is paid to the event management group.

Depending on the type of wedding hall, you are choosing, you need to make the payment. If it is a big hall, you will have to shell out more cash. If you want a smaller hall and wish to include few people in the list of invitees, you will have to hire a smaller room.

There are many families that hire the marriage halls in Bengaluru right from the time the initial rituals start off. They retain the hall till the time the reception is held and the bride leaves for her in-laws. It all depends on the money you are willing to spend and the number of rituals, you are required to follow. You can also rent an air conditioned room depending on which time of the year you are planning to hold the wedding.

The decoration of the marriage halls in Bengaluru is usually taken care of by another group of people who are arranged by the event management group.

Given below is a list of marriage halls in Bengaluru or the Kalyan Mantaps-

Marriage halls in East Bengaluru

  • NDK Kalyana Mandira
  • B T Somanna Kalyana Mantapa
  • Ramaiah ReddyJayamma Kalyana Mantapa
  • Dhananjaya Palace
  • H B R Kalyana Mantapa etc 

Marriage halls in South Bengaluru

  • G N R Kalyana Mantapa
  • Hande Hall
  • Devathaa Kalyana Mantapa
  • H B Samaja
  • Hemachandra Kalyana Mantapa
  • Jayarama Seva Mandali
  • G K Kalyana Mantapa etc

Marriage halls in West Bengaluru

  • Hombelaku Kalyana Mantapa
  • Corporation Community Hall
  • Gayathri Kalyana Mantapa
  • Chandrika Parimala Kalyana Mantapa
  • Keerthana College Hall
  • Kambi M Siddaramana Vidyarthi Nilaya Sabhangana
  • Nagadevika Palace etc

Marriage halls in North Bengaluru

  • Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha
  • Chidanandaswami Mutt
  • Bala Tirupursundari Kalyana Mantapa
  • Sri Anjaneyswamy Kalyana Mantapa
  • Putamma Kalyana Mantapa
  • M S Ramaiah Kalyana Mantapa
  • Sri Seetha Samudhaya Bhavana Kalyana Mantapa etc