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About Bangaluru City

Bangaluru City is the place that almost every youngster wants to relocate to these days. This is because of good working opportunities and better living standards. It is said that the city has acquired its name from Bendakalooru which is the land of the boiled beans.  The city over the years has acquired a high standard of living and a posh lifestyle. Real estate too is at a developing stage. With regards to work the professional culture is systematized and there are better opportunities.

Bengaluru Route Map

Reaching Bangalore is easy both by rail or air. You also have the option to travel b y road. The city is well connected through all these modes of transport to all the major metropolises like Mumbai, Madras, Delhi and Calcutta and other crucial towns and cities.

You can also avail the railway services from Mysore, Madras, New Delhi and Calcutta. For any domestic as well as international flights you can avail from the Bangalore Airport.

Bengaluru Local Attractions

The city is well planned with malls and markets around for all necessities. Apart from that the city also offers you several other sites of attraction to explore.  Given below are some tourist spots in Bengaluru that you can visit.

Lal Bagh

This is one of the famous botanical garden that was established by Hyder Ali. Later his son included the horticultural wealth to them. It was done by importing trees and plants from various parts of the world. The garden today has about 1000 of species of flora that include very rare varieties of herbs, trees and tropical plants.

You can also witness the bi-annual flower show that showcases some of the rare species of flowers.

Bangalore Palace & Fort

If you keep interest in historical monuments and palaces, then one of the places that you must visit is the Bangalore Fort. It was set up by Kempe Godwa and then further expanded by Tippu Sultan.  The Palace was built being inspired by the Windsor Castle. The style that the fort had adopted was the Tudor style. The features include the gothic fashion interiors, battlements and the foiled windows.
As you explore the fort you will notice the 16th century Ganapathi Temple that is very well preserved in the interiors.

Other places of attraction in Bengaluru City are as follows:-

  • Glass House
  • The Dharmaraja Temple
  • The Bull Temple
  • The Gangadhareshware Temple
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
  • Innovative Film City
  • The Bangalore Race Course

Shopping in Bangalore

The city is known for some of the best malls and shopping plazas. These plazas would have the best global brands and all the consumer products. Whether its garments, electronics or cosmetics you would get them all here. You also options handicrafts and emporium products. The products too are of high quality. Given below are some of the areas that are said to be well known for shopping.

  • Brigade Road
  • Residency Road
  • Commercial Street
  • M.G. Road

These would be some of the salient points about Bengaluru City that you can keep handy.