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Blood Banks in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a wonderful place to be in. It is a metropolitan city in true sense. A capital city of State of Karnataka, Bengaluru has a rich cultural heritage. It is one of the ancient cities of India. Bengaluru is that city which has grown rapidly after the Indian Independence. Its favorable climatic conditions and other factors have attracted people from far and wide to visit this location for some purpose or the other. Apart from these, the banks in Bengaluru too stand as a major reason behind the growth of this city.

The city rests amidst a great natural surrounding. Bengaluru is also known as the ‘Garden City’. The city gives you all the necessary reasons to love this place.

About the Banks in Bengaluru:

Bengaluru has a strong financial base. It has some of the major banks which are facilitating the growth of several industries in various sectors. These banks have strengthened the base of several new and upcoming sectors. Major industries like cement industry, motor industry, and carpet industry and so on, have come up with the help of these banks and are doing quite well.

Government Banks in Bengaluru

There are several government banks in Bengaluru. Some of the government banks also have their head offices in Bengaluru. The government banks have pulled up different businesses. Many of them even finance small scale industries and vehicles. The government banks usually offer special rates of interest and affordable loan rates. The governments banks have special cash back up and are more reliable. People usually trust the government banks over the private banks.  Some of the government banks in Bengaluru are:

Names of Blood Banks in Bengaluru

Contact Number

Karnataka Red Cross

22226 8435

Bangalore Blood Bank

2334 7714

Grace Blood Bank

2333 6608

Life Case Voluntary Blood Bank

2556 7392

BKF Round Table Voluntary Blood Bank

2226 4205

Bangalore Medical Service

2529 3486

Dr Shivaji Rao’s Blood Bank

2222 4044

Rasthrothana Blood Bank

2661 2730

Lions Blood Bank

2226 6807


2226 6807

Minerva Blood Bank

2657 4830

M S Ramaiah Hospital

2360 8920

National Blood Bank

2530 1384


2528 7903

Manipal Hospital

2502 4444

Naveen Blood Bank

2634 1907

Voluntary Blood Bank

2639 2697

Rotary TTK Blood Bank

2528 7903

Shushrutha Blood Bank

2334 0153

Unique Blood Bank

2670 9970

S K Voluntary Blood Bank

2310 3524

Stock VoluntaryBlood Bank

2529 3486

It is always wise to keep the contact details of the blood banks in Bengaluru handy. This doesn’t apply for blood banks alone. But emergency numbers of Fire Brigade, Hospitals, Ambulance, Nursing homes, and Utility services should always be kept within reach.